Hivemind’s Open Source software enables developers to easily develop their TeamCode and create more advanced autonomous and tele-op applications. It allows for seamless integration with microservices like Grafana and Tailscale.

For First Tech Challenge teams, especially beginners, the Hivemind documentation provides an in-depth understanding of the key aspects that make a team of developers interested in infrastructure and self-hostable seamless integration with services like GitHub and Docker. We offer the necessary resources and information to effortlessly integrate with CI/CD for FTC.


Scout is an open-source metrics collector agent built in Rust, that queries and exports data from FTC Scout for use in applications that intake real-time metrics.


Our list of Microservices that we developed for FTC Team 23396, which is included in Hive and Nest.


Simplify your software development lifecycle. Pulse empowers you to effortlessly connect your codebase.

Pulse overview

Pulse simplifies your software development lifecycle. Seamlessly connect your codebase, supporting all languages and environments. Streamline your build, test, and deployment processes for enhanced productivity.


Enhance your FTC working experience with Stream. Seamlessly capture, encode, and deliver high-quality video streams for improved collaboration and communication.

Stream overview

Stream revolutionizes your FTC working experience, empowering teams with seamless video streaming capabilities. Capture every crucial moment effortlessly, encode and transmit high-quality video streams, and enable enhanced collaboration and communication. With Stream, you can amplify your FTC projects by creating a smooth and immersive working environment for your team.


Boost productivity with Orbit. Connect to your robot and dynamically push code using WireGuard.

Orbit overview

Revolutionize productivity with Orbit, a game-changing solution that empowers you to connect to your robot and dynamically push code with ease. Experience seamless connectivity using WireGuard and take control of your code deployment process for increased efficiency.